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Onsite Education and Training

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NETEC Training Calendar: 2016-2017

Traveling with PPE

Clinical Track participants are required to bring their facility-specific PPE so they can practice skills with their own equipment. PPE can be shipped ahead or participants can travel with it. You may wish to complete this form letter and bring it with you if you plan to travel with PPE. Thank you to Massachusetts General Hospital for sharing this resource!

June 2017

Emerging & Infectious Disease Preparedness Simulation Training
June 5th & 6th, New York, NY
Course full.
Course Flyer: NETEC Spring 2017 Ebola & Special Pathogens Preparedness Simulation Training
Traveling with PPE Form Letter

August 2017

Save the Date:  Pediatric Course is August 10/11.  More information soon.


Past Events

April 2017

Emerging & Infectious Disease Preparedness Simulation Training
April 3rd & 4th, New York, NY

Emerging & Infectious Disease Preparedness Training
April 27th & 28th Atlanta, GA

March 2017

Emerging & Infectious Disease Preparedness Training
March 21st & 22nd, Omaha, NE

October 2016

Emerging & Infectious Disease Preparedness Training
October 10th-11th, Atlanta, GA
Course Flyer: NETEC Fall 2016 Emerging Infectious Disease Preparedness Training

September 2016

Emerging & Infectious Disease Preparedness Training
September 28th & 29th, Omaha, NE
Course Flyer: NETEC Fall 2016 Emerging Infectious Disease Preparedness Training

August 2016

Webinar: Lessons Learned in Developing an Effective Regional Ebola Concept of Operation (CONOPS)
August 10, 2016, 2:00-3:00pm ET
For more information view the Flyer.

Workshop Goals 

This workshop will provide information and tools on the many aspects of managing and maintaining readiness of a facility responsible for assessing and/or treating patients with an Emerging Infectious Disease. This includes an overview of various pathogens of concern, standard operating procedures for such pathogens, laboratory considerations, leadership skills for sustaining readiness, state and regional CONOPS planning, exercise development, train the trainer program on personal protective equipment, behavioral health considerations and experiencing hands on simulated clinical care skills in PPE.


INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION is required, group registrations are not allowed.

There is no tuition cost for this program. The NETEC and its partners are not be responsible for any losses incurred by registrants, including but not limited to airfare cancellation or hotel deposits.  No travel funding is available to participants from the NETEC.  Travel plans should not be booked until attendance confirmation is communicated to registrants by a member of the NETEC.  Every effort will be made to confirm registrations within 3 business days.

Registration questions can be directed to info@netec.org.


There are 120 seats available at each course.  The workshop is beneficial to both health care workers and public health professionals.  If state public health staff attend, the NETEC recommends they travel with their designated Ebola Treatment or Assessment Hospital staff to increase coordination and collaboration. Additionally, state health departments should prioritize participating hospitals based on the readiness needs in their jurisdiction.  Hospital attendees may include, but are not limited to, medical and/or nursing staff, administration, education/training leadership, and infection control leadership. Staff specializing in communications, occupational injury management, specialized clinical areas, laboratory, facilities management and environmental services are also welcome. In the registration form we do ask attendees to list their roles in order for the NETEC to perform program evaluation and quality improvement efforts.


A box lunch and light snacks are provided on Day 1. Breakfast, lunch and light snacks are also provided on Day 2.

Other Considerations

All efforts will be made to communicate attendance confirmation with the requested participants within 72 hours of their registration. Hotel information and further course materials will be shared with registrants when they receive their attendance confirmation notification from the NETEC.

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