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Request a readiness assessment

NETEC offers on-site readiness assessments to assist Regional Ebola and other Special Pathogen Treatment Centers, State-designated Ebola Treatment Centers and Assessment hospitals in validating facility capabilities related to effective management of Ebola and other special pathogen events.

About readiness assessments

Readiness assessments are conducted by teams of 4-6 NETEC faculty over a 1-2 day period. NETEC faculty members are selected, and teams are tailored, based on the specific needs of the hospital(s) and public health departments.

Assessments include facility tours, presentations and discussions, and functional demonstrations such as drills and exercises. Readiness assessment agendas must include sufficient time for the team to observe elements of all capabilities, and should allow hospital(s) to focus most heavily on challenging issues and to demonstrate key strengths and innovations. Hospitals and state public health representatives should identify key areas of expertise needed from NETEC faculty conducting readiness assessment visits.

Capabilities include:

  • Decedent Management
  • Emergency Management
  • External Transport
  • Healthcare Worker Management
  • Infection Control and Prevention
  • Intake and Internal Transport
  • Laboratory
  • Treatment and Care
  • Waste Management

NETEC encourages potentially interested hospitals and state health departments to submit requests and coordinate to confirm dates as soon as possible to assist in accommodating requests. Requests for a readiness assessment by NETEC should be coordinated with the regional ASPR field project officers and state or jurisdictional public health authorities. All requests are prioritized and scheduled based on the order they are received.

Request a readiness assessment

Requests for a readiness assessment by NETEC should be coordinated with the regional ASPR field project officers and state or jurisdictional public health authorities. Requests can be made through our Request a Readiness Assessment form.

Request a Readiness Assessment

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