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NETEC can provide in-person and virtual technical assistance on all aspects of Ebola and other special pathogen readiness activities for all United States health care facilities.

About NETEC Technical Assistance

What is technical assistance (TA)?  Technical assistance is training and consultation for a targeted and focused area that requires assistance.  This assistance may occur through in-person or virtually, usually involving between one to four NETEC faculty (subject matter experts).  In order to meet the needs of colleagues across the country, NETEC requests that in person technical assistance be limited to no more than one day.

What does NETEC ask of the hosts if the technical assistance is occurring in person?  NETEC requires the requesting site to engage participants and manage registration.  NETEC kindly requests that registration information and sign in sheets be provided electronically after course completion.

Is there a cost associated with a technical assistance request?  The requesting facility is responsible for securing a venue, managing logistics and coordination, and providing all equipment needs. NETEC does not charge a fee for assistance.  NETEC covers all travel and accommodations for NETEC faculty.

Does NETEC provide other types of educational offerings?  Yes. In addition to Technical Assistance, NETEC offers in-person workshops, simulation courses, and online courses through the learning management system at

How else can NETEC prepare my hospital or organization?  NETEC also provides in-person readiness consultations to assist hospitals and organizations prepare for Ebola and other Special Pathogens.  If a state wishes to request a NETEC readiness consultation, the state preparedness lead through the state health department should speak with their regional ASPR FPO to request a readiness consultation. HPP and CDC will coordinate these requests with the NETEC.

How do I request a NETEC Technical Assistance visit? To request a NETEC Technical Assistance visit, you will need to collaborate with your public health department. Make the request.

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