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Education and Training


The National Ebola Training and Education Center offers hands-on, real-world training through workshops and simulation courses offered several times a year.


Take an online course for continuing education credit or view archived materials from previous on-site training via the NETEC eLearning Center.

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Workshops and Simulation Courses

Emerging Infectious Disease
Preparedness Workshop

This workshop, offered twice in the fall and twice in the spring, provides information and tools on the many aspects of managing and maintaining readiness of a facility responsible for assessing and/or treating patients with Ebola and other special pathogens. Up to 120 people may attend each course. The workshop is beneficial to both healthcare workers and public health professionals. Hospital attendees may include, but are not limited to, medical and/or nursing staff, administration, education/training leadership, and infection control leadership. Staff specializing in communications, specialized clinical areas, laboratory, facilities management and environmental services are also welcome.

No tuition is charged for the workshops, and continuing education credits are available.

A clinical track includes simulation skills stations where participants will remain in personal protective equipment for up to four hours. Attendees are asked to provide their own facility-specific PPE so they can practice these skills with their own equipment and PPE protocols.

Course topics include:
Pathogens of Concern PPE 101 & 201 | Hands-on Simulation Skills Sessions | Emergency Management | Laboratory and Clinical Lab Skills | Leadership Strategies to Sustain | Readiness | EMS/Pre-hospital Operations

March 27-28, Omaha, NE
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Traveling with PPE Form Letter

Ebola and Other Special Pathogens Simulation Training

This simulation training, offered fall and spring at Bellevue Hospital in New York City, is intended for direct care providers (MDs, RNs, Paramedics, EMTs, etc.). The training will provide information and hands-on practice on several essential skills of caring for patients with Ebola and other special pathogens with a focus on providing safe and effective care in PPE.

Due to the simulation nature of this training, registration is limited to 40. Please do not make travel arrangements until your workshop registration has been approved.

Participants will be asked to bring PPE ensembles from their respective facilities. Each attendee will be wearing full PPE.

  • PPE Requirements: Full institutional ensemble for two days, to include suit or gown, shoe covers, apron (if used), PAPR or equivalent, to include belt and battery, gloves.

A form letter for travel with PPE equipment is available for download here.

Course topics include:

Hospital-EMS interface/patient handoff | healthcare worker rescue| spill management | barrier precautions | foley management | Isopod management

| specimen collection

No tuition is charged for NETEC training, and continuing education credits are available.

April 10-11, 2018, New York, N.Y.
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Traveling with PPE Form Letter

Pediatric Simulation Course

The next Pediatric Simulation Course is under development. Check back for more information.

Texas Children’s Hospital – West Campus and the National Ebola Training and Education Center proudly present the first clinical simulations course specific to the needs of healthcare professionals caring for children who have or may have serious communicable pathogens. Training will take place in a state-of-the-art Pediatric Biocontainment Unit.

Included in this two-day simulation course will be:

  • Lectures by infectious disease and pediatric intensivists
  • Clinical skills training for Biocontainment Unit staff
  • Best practices
  • Simulated clinical skills training while wearing full PPE

June 25-26, 2018, Aurora, CO
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Flyer: Pediatric Simulation Course
Traveling with PPE Form Letter

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