From April 10 – 13, ASPR participated in the Operation Tranquil Shift exercise to test our nation’s ability to provide safe medical transport for multiple American citizens who have been exposed to Ebola while abroad. In this scenario, a cluster of 11 American healthcare workers were exposed to Ebola in Sierra Leone. During the exercise, the mock patients were transported back to the United States using specialized biocontainment units known as the Aeromedical Biological Containment System (ABCS) and the Containerized Bio-Containment System (CBCS). View more photos of the exercise.

Once transported, the mock patients were delivered to Regional Ebola and Other Special Pathogen Treatment Centers around the U.S. In 2015, ASPR awarded $20 million through the Hospital Preparedness Program to enhance regional treatment centers’ capabilities to care for patients with Ebola or other highly infectious diseases. Five of those centers participated in this exercise.

The exercise, led by the Department of State, tested the advanced technology, complex systems, and protocols that surround the transport of a highly infectious disease patient. ASPR coordinated with partners at the Department of State, state governments, and 5 Regional Ebola and Other Special Pathogen Treatment Centers to exercise these plans so they are ready to respond to future outbreaks.