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Support Services

NETEC offers support services to healthcare facilities to enhance their operational readiness.
These services include readiness assessments, and on-site or web-based technical assistance
to support them to prepare for, and respond to, Ebola and other special pathogen events.

Readiness Assessments

NETEC offers on-site readiness assessments to assist Regional Ebola and other Special Pathogen Treatment Centers, State-designated Ebola Treatment Centers and Assessment hospitals in validating facility capabilities related to effective management of Ebola and other special pathogen events.


Technical Assistance

NETEC offers targeted technical assistance to facilities, by phone, email, or in-person visits related to the delivery of care for patients with Ebola or other special pathogens. Technical assistance includes focused support related capabilities covered in a readiness assessment, developing policies or protocols, or designing and implementing exercises. Assistance can be tailored to cover specific subject areas and can be scheduled in conjunction with a readiness assessment or coordinated independently.  Technical assistance requests should be coordinated with state public health officials and topics requested will be prioritized in collaboration with the requesting hospital and state public health officials.


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